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About Us


Private Press Printing is your trusted screen printer located in the city of Toronto. With 15+ years of experience, we are dedicated to providing high-quality custom apparel for all your needs.  Our shop is located in Toronto´s West end in a historic warehouse space.​

Our team consists of multidisciplinary artists and designers that thrive in this skilled trade to provide the finest quality printing. We use Non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, water-based ink that is flexible, opaque, durable and soft.  This makes your results nicer looking, the planet smiles a little and the staff goes home happy.​

We're here for your screen printing needs.   Whether it's your band, special event, production company, indie wrestler, drag queen, school, summer camp, or your Dad’s Painting business.  We are proud to be Independent and continue to work with thousands of hard working local businesses around the city of Toronto.

  1. What is Water-based ink? Water-based ink is soft and hand-printed. It blends into your chosen substrate and has a soft feel once cured with heat. It's your best choice for printing on custom fashion garments due to its bright, opaque, and flexible qualities. It's more environmentally friendly than commonly used plastisol screen printing ink and doesn't require cleanup with solvents.

  2. What is your turnaround time? Do you accept rush orders? We like to say never longer than two weeks, with two weeks defined as when an order is placed and completed within 10 business days. Large volume projects over 1000 pieces may require more time. We do accommodate RUSH printing by request, defining it as orders completed immediately and handed off to customers within 36-72 hours.

  3. Can I film your process for my social media? Unfortunately, not. This is in your best interest. Our team needs to be 'kitchen loud' and fully attentive to your project. Any distractions can cause errors that will negatively impact your end result. We do document work photographically and sometimes with video, and we can send that to you at your request.

  4. Can I come and see shirts in person? The short answer is yes. We can have you over to our shop by appointment to show you samples of blank shirts and previously printed projects. Keep in mind, materials for jobs are all ordered on a per-job basis, so we might not have every style in our shop. Our showroom is used more to demonstrate techniques and colorways. If you need to see something in person to help facilitate a project, then the door is wide open.

  5. Can you print on vintage? Absolutely. Screenprinting on customer-supplied vintage has been seriously trending in the past few years. We work directly with dozens of vintage boutiques on their curated selection of vintage blanks.

  6. Can I provide my own shirts? Absolutely. If you have your own unique brand of customized, dyed, or altered garments, bring them by. Or if you have access to another sector of the supply chain with blanks not available to us, please bring them to us for printing. We will charge according to the total number of pieces you provide, the total number of print locations, and the total number of colors in your design.

  7. Do you ship? Anywhere on the planet. Otherwise, your order can be picked up from our shop on any weekday between the hours of 9:30-4:30.

  8. How do I know if my design can be screen printed? Screenprinting is a fairly versatile medium. We have printed 8kb files sent through a phone, and we've printed high-end artwork that exceeds 1GB. There are pre-press tricks that we can use, such as "50% threshold" and "vectorization," that clean up artwork and create an efficient pathway from digital to physical.

  9. How will my design be processed? We like to tell customers that we get the best results when artwork is set up with reverence to the design elements in screenprinting. Meaning that instead of a shadow, we would use halftone, and instead of an RGB full-color file, we would use layered files. Digital work will translate to screenprinting, occurring through the CMYK print methodology. However, truly cool and unique work has layers compromising each visible color. No matter what your level of experience is with design, illustration, or pre-press, we can help you take your idea into the physical in a few easy steps.

  10. What is the minimum size, and what is the maximum size design? There is no minimum image size; we have printed locations that are 0.25x1”, and our maximum image size for printing is 15x22”. This is large enough to fill the entire body of a medium tee and still look substantial on large & XL sizes. For long sleeve arm prints, your design should not exceed 3.25x16”

  11. Can you print a sample? We will provide you a free digital mockup if requested to relay any specifics about your job and clarify any questions you may have. We do not provide physical samples before printing. If a design needs to be analyzed, we will walk you through the steps required before printing to ensure your project is completed to specification.

  12. Is there anything you cannot do? We hate to have limitations, but there are some. We do not print on 3-D surfaces such as hats, mugs, or water bottles. We also do not print on Nylon (windbreakers). Some jackets and hoodies that are 2-ply (two layers not attached) also cannot effectively be printed onto. We do not do embroidery or direct to garment printing.


Our minimum recommended quantity for your order is 25+ pieces.  We have no maximum quantity.  Our shop has the capability to run jobs in quantities of 5000+


Your next project will be broken down into three categories.  Materials, Setup & Screenprinting.  Materials are defined as the substrate you are printing on.  Setup fees relate to the fees charged for all pre press work.  This fee is an amalgamation of film printout, screen exposure, proofing, registration, colour mixing and testing. Setup fees can vary depending on the level of work that is required in a design.  If your design is not colour separated or needs revision your setup fee will be slightly higher than artwork that is ready to go.  Screenprinting fees are set fees based off of the image size, ink colour, total number of colours in the design, total number of print locations on the piece and lastly total quantity required in your order.  


When we reply to your quote request within 24 hours, you will receive an itemized quote for approval.

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